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Introduction | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Asherz


Thank you for downloading this free template release from ClanTemplates if you have any questions, these paragraphs should address them or point you to where they can be addressed.

There are a few terms-of-use rules you need to follow if you want to use this or any ClanTemplates template but they are simple to follow. The first is that you must keep a link back to ClanTemplates either using a Lead Sponsor image or an affiliate link (depending on your template). This must be a hyperlink and must include the ClanTemplates 'C' logo. The second is that you must include any copyright footer in the template that tells you who designed and coded the template. This image (and/or text) should also link to ClanTemplates and must not be edited.

If you wish to add your own sponsors you are permitted to remove the designer and coder sponsors.

Editing your template | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Ross

All templates released at Clantemplates are coded in html/xhtml & css so that even the most inexperienced individual can understand and edit the template. If you have either Frontpage or Dreamweaver at your disposal these would be recommended for you to easily edit and manage the code of your new website template. Below are 3 video tutorials that explain different aspects of how to use a template downloaded from Clantemplates.

All templates released at Clantemplates should include blank banner images for you to add your own clan's name to in order to personalize the template. Such images are generally included in the images folder which was in the zip file you downloaded and are normally denoted by the word blank in the filename. They may also be in a seperate folder called blank. Other blank images for various parts of a template, may be included in the folder, depending on the template you've downloaded. If there are no suitable blank images please ask in the Help Booth.

Troubleshooting | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Asherz

Here are some common errors taken when uploading your template:

It's all messed up - no images or colours are shown!

Make sure you upload EVERYTHING in your download folder. This includes the images and any .css or .js files.

None of the images are shown!

Have you uploaded all your images in the "images" folder they were in? Don't rename the folder, and make sure all images are in that folder exactly as they are on your PC.

Getting Help | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Ross

Any questions that the video tutorials just didn't cover? Well the best place to get the kind of answers you need is to use that template you've downloaded is to submit your question for the Support Staff in the Clantemplates Help Booth. Make sure you include the name of the template you downloaded and the category (game) it was in. If things aren't displaying correctly include the name of the web browser you're using (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3). Any question you may have regarding a template they will be able to answer for you.


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#61073 by 29.04.2017 - 15:11
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#61072 by ThomasKr 29.04.2017 - 14:51
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#61071 by Richardmot 29.04.2017 - 14:03
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#61067 by ThomasKr 29.04.2017 - 08:38
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