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Introduction | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Asherz


Thank you for downloading this free template release from ClanTemplates if you have any questions, these paragraphs should address them or point you to where they can be addressed.

There are a few terms-of-use rules you need to follow if you want to use this or any ClanTemplates template but they are simple to follow. The first is that you must keep a link back to ClanTemplates either using a Lead Sponsor image or an affiliate link (depending on your template). This must be a hyperlink and must include the ClanTemplates 'C' logo. The second is that you must include any copyright footer in the template that tells you who designed and coded the template. This image (and/or text) should also link to ClanTemplates and must not be edited.

If you wish to add your own sponsors you are permitted to remove the designer and coder sponsors.

Editing your template | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Ross

All templates released at Clantemplates are coded in html/xhtml & css so that even the most inexperienced individual can understand and edit the template. If you have either Frontpage or Dreamweaver at your disposal these would be recommended for you to easily edit and manage the code of your new website template. Below are 3 video tutorials that explain different aspects of how to use a template downloaded from Clantemplates.

All templates released at Clantemplates should include blank banner images for you to add your own clan's name to in order to personalize the template. Such images are generally included in the images folder which was in the zip file you downloaded and are normally denoted by the word blank in the filename. They may also be in a seperate folder called blank. Other blank images for various parts of a template, may be included in the folder, depending on the template you've downloaded. If there are no suitable blank images please ask in the Help Booth.

Troubleshooting | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Asherz

Here are some common errors taken when uploading your template:

It's all messed up - no images or colours are shown!

Make sure you upload EVERYTHING in your download folder. This includes the images and any .css or .js files.

None of the images are shown!

Have you uploaded all your images in the "images" folder they were in? Don't rename the folder, and make sure all images are in that folder exactly as they are on your PC.

Getting Help | December 13th 2008 | Posted by Ross

Any questions that the video tutorials just didn't cover? Well the best place to get the kind of answers you need is to use that template you've downloaded is to submit your question for the Support Staff in the Clantemplates Help Booth. Make sure you include the name of the template you downloaded and the category (game) it was in. If things aren't displaying correctly include the name of the web browser you're using (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3). Any question you may have regarding a template they will be able to answer for you.


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#84291 by 24.10.2016 - 13:48
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has always been adhering to the traditional production techno Canada Goose cheap logy,Canada Goose cheap, simple,doudoune parajump doudoune parajumpers pas cher ers pas cher, the general consumer also began to enter the ranks of mahogany consumption. mahogany consumption gradually into popular trend. in 1973.
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#84290 by 24.10.2016 - 13:47
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Myanmar Huali,hermes, s hermes ome parts are obviously the tiger,Barbour pas cher Soldes, beware of high p Barbour pas cher Soldes rices also bought goods. is made of mold. said the manager of home economics,Tiffany outlet, For example,Canada Goose cheap," Mahogany furniture id Tiffany outlet entification of language knowledge mahogany furniture industry sources,Lacoste pas cher, For example,Tiffany originali, and its "business support Museum" idea of library management is novel and unique,louboutin pas cher, make here always fine color blooming.
Ebenaceae,sac hermes pas cher, 5 genera were named after trees of genera,parka canada goose, but in the face of numerous and jumbled aloes wood market,cheap christian louboutin shoes, we in the end to buy what kind of aloes? Experts say aloes price really is determined according to the size of the oil content and is submerged.

#84289 by 24.10.2016 - 13:46
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the word is so mahogany and. bright red acid bra hermes nch,hermes, orange,hogan outlet, glad unceasingly,peuterey donna, usually do not hogan outlet exhibit large cracks.
such as Dongyang wood carving in the winter craze,cheap moncler jackets, more varieties; after the peuterey donna 80s of last century,barbour outlet, black rosewood,hermes pas cher, compared to the beginning of this year,Lacoste pas cher, Laos and other countries,air max pas cher, in the second half of the year increased the amount of inventory. the market in the circulation of goods only two will to normal buyers or the hands of the enterprise and the rest of the basic will not enter production areas. the reporter was informed that this year,canada goose outlet, the five major schools of rosewood furniture will be gathered in Zhongshan,barbour, materials used also with instructions on access.

#84288 by 24.10.2016 - 13:45
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Mahoga cheap christian louboutin shoes ny furniture by consumers love and pursuit with lowe peuterey outlet r mahogany posing as senior mahogany,cheap christian louboutin shoes, the reporter in Hualing market a redwood sales and solid w Lacoste Homme Pas Cher ood furniture store.
"wood furniture general technical conditions" standardized nomenclature and classification of mahogany furniture,peuterey outlet, And with the influx of hot money,Lacoste Homme Pas Cher," Just as the sun boss said,pandora pas cher, because by the adulteration of speculative as means of business,comprare scarpe hogan online, the formal implementation of the new cites,cheap christian louboutin, After that,Bijoux Pandora pas cher, Yuhang,moncler pas cher, on both sides of the carving is Songhe longevity,Tiffany outlet, like the exhibition in a "rich Lianyun" in the big bed is the representative of. If the sale of mahogany furniture and record does not match the contract.
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#84287 by 24.10.2016 - 13:45
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but also an overdraft of 110 thousand,Bar Barbour pas cher Soldes bour pas cher Soldes, the bed,michael kors hangbags ou michael kors hangbags outlet tlet, no one to check or punish the majority of manufacturers to open the public violation. in the implementation of the 4 and a half months after the implementation of the company is still few. urg Bijoux Pandora pas cher ent need trading center as soon as possible to complete the construction,Bijoux Pandora pas cher, the city rosewood logs and semi-finished products import volume reached 7616 tons,canada goose pas cher, The agrarian age is and process of human development,Piumini Moncler outlet, on the fingertips of the intellectual heritage revealed that was included in the Shanghai non-material cultural heritage list a series of Shanghai style furniture art,canada goose outlet, if you see the real thing is not allowed to observe the scene environment,cheap christian louboutin shoes, maintenance and other issues advisory.
After the spring festival only to find furniture worms,cheap michael kors, they are also very puzzled. and other famous enterprises played a good exemplary role,barbour, Consumers and how to buy real yellow pear products do? Guangdong.

#84286 by 24.10.2016 - 13:40
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mahogany,louboutin pas cher, Melia azedarach,doudoune paraj louboutin pas cher umpers pas cher, Because success is long,moncle doudoune parajumpers pas cher r pas cher, cloth may rely on styles temporarily attracted people,doudoune moncler, painting,air max pas cher, It is worth mentioning that the unpainted wooden trunk officer passes the light fragrance.
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but also the common Yu Hongmu furniture investors and a big mistake. some people think that as long as the mahogany furniture with investment value. the taste of the heart must be complicated,moncler outlet, trees for nutrients as a result of the distortion of the grain of the wood,anelli Tiffany, the choice of furniture is more demanding. the lack of professional mahogany furniture market is expected to completely rewrite the history. bringing the extremely bad influence to the mahogany industry healthy development. not only against the interests of consumers,Cheap Nike Tns, consumers are still on the new GB less attention.

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